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There'll never be a whale sighting on the Ohio River, between Louisville and southern Indiana, but it is the site of the area's best fish sandwich at Moby Dick Seafood Restaurant. Since 1967, this Louisville original has hooked millions of people with the savory goodness of a “whale of a sandwich” and other taste tempters.

Moby Dick’s cod is wild-caught and isn’t a farmed product. Factory trawlers hunt for schools of cod in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, off the coast of Iceland. Within hours of harvesting the catch, each fish is cleaned, cut into large fillets, and flash frozen at sea to maximize freshness.

The frozen fillets reach the Moby Dick restaurants and aren’t thawed until ready for consumption. Each day, every fillet is inspected, hand cut into sandwich-size fillets and breaded fresh for the best taste possible.

We cook with pure vegetable oil because we believe shortening with animal fat, even mixed with vegetable shortening, absorbs into the fish to make it greasy. The cracker meal, eggs, milk, and spices we use create a grease-free and delicious “whale of a sandwich.”

Moby Dick’s mild flavor and flaky texture puts cod on the list of the top 10 fish favorites compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. With just one serving of cod, a person will get a source of protein, B vitamins and other nutrients. Patrons appreciate the extra care we take to ensure our sandwich is fresh and delicious each time it is ordered.

Over 50 years in Louisville

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