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Quality statement

Moby Dick began in 1967 with a simple mission from our founders, “Serve the best quality seafood at the lowest possible price.”  

That mission starts with our fish.  We use Atlantic Cod, wild-caught from the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Within a few hours of being harvested, each fish is cleaned, cut into large fillets, and flash frozen at sea which is now proven to capture pristine quality and taste that matches that of fish harvested straight out of the ocean.  


Our family owned franchise opened its first location in 1967 and remains one of Louisville's fast food favorites to this day. 


We only purchase the best fish from the icy, clean waters of the Barents Sea. Our fish is frozen on the boat right after it is caught. This ensures the freshest taste for our Whale of a Sandwich.


Ask any Louisvillian, they will tell you their favorite from our menu. From our Whale of a Sandwich to our onion rings, we've been making families smile for over 50 years.

Serving Louisville since 1967


  • Cod is high in protein, but low in fat, carbs, and calories

  • Cod is an excellent source of B12, B6 and niacin.

  • Compared to some other fish, cod contain low mercury. 

  • Cod contain essential minerals that help protect DNA. 

Box for Two

Our top seller comes with four fillets of wild caught North Atlantic Cod, hand-breaded in cracker meal and deep fried, fries, and two hush puppies. 

Whale of a Sandwich

Best Value! Two fillets of wild caught North Atlantic Cod, hand - breaded in cracker meal breading.

Onion Rings

Our famous onions are hand-cut, hand-breaded in cracker meal and made to order. 


*Check with your preferred location for promotions, full menu and current pricing. 


"They have THE BEST fish sandwich."

David W. Harris via Google

"The fish was good, the onion rings were the best that I have had in a long time! ."

Kevin via Google

Best I've Had in a Long Time

Plenty of Fish

"I've bought boxes for 2 and always had enough food for 2 of us and was very warm. 

Dorothy via TripAdvisor

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